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 EpicDoS Badges / Punishments

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PostSubject: EpicDoS Badges / Punishments   Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:27 am


The Administrators of EpicDoS
(Creators of the website and updates)

The Community Managers of EpicDoS
(Accounts moderators, rank moderators)

Banned Users of EpicDoS
(IPBanned/Banned completely from the forum)

The Developers of EpicDoS
(Creators of programs/other website material)

Moderators/Forum Moderators of EpicDoS
(Registered member moderators)

Members of EpicDoS
(Any member who is not upgraded or donated)

Special Member of EpicDoS
(Title says it all.)

Supporters of EpicDoS
(Donated for no ranks or upgrades, just a friendly donation)


- Watched - This is a visual, official warning to a user. All moderators try to use this before any of the following, for the following are generally in severe cases or continual breaking of the rule. A warning may be skipped and the user may instead receive a moderation.

- Moderation - This is a severe warning that is telling the user to shape up or they will be banned. Moderations are as common as warnings and will be given out often. They prevent a user from posting any new posts or topics until that post or topic has first been approved by a moderator.

-Mute - This is an extreme case which is used prior to a ban. A mute prevents the person from posting any new topics or posts at all until the mute has been lifted. Further misdemeanors will result in extended punishments or temporary to permanent bans.
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EpicDoS Badges / Punishments
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